Email Timeline: How to synchronize Outlook 2010 with Yahoo mail

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How to synchronize Outlook 2010 with Yahoo mail

Before talking about how to synchronize Outlook with Yahoo mail, it’s necessary to talk what is the need to create a connection between these two great email platforms. Let us assume you spend your daily job on Outlook, and at the same time you need to access your Yahoo Mail account too as it is also important to you.So checking emails on both of the platforms do not make any sense, even it is time consuming too.

However you can move your email by selecting every folder in Yahoo and forward all these to Outlook, but it might be a tedious task and you have to recreate and organize the folder afterwards. 

So to overcome from this tedious task,we can simply transfer our email from our Yahoo account to Outlook 2010 by synchronize Yahoo mail account on Outlook. So, below are steps to which you can follow to synchronize your Outlook 2010 profile with Yahoo mail. Just follow the steps to configure it-

Step 1- First Open Microsoft Outlook and select ‘File -> Info -> Add Account -> Manually Configure Server Settings.’ Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 2- Navigate to Add New Account window to choose ‘Internet Email’

Step 3- Click ‘Next’ then enters your Yahoo email address and password on the next page. And always check the ‘Remember Password’ option to avoid any inconvenience.

Step 4- Now for incoming mail server type ‘ & for outgoing mail server type ‘’ 

Step 5- Select ‘POP3’ from the Account Type drop-down menu.

Step 6- Enter a name for the account in the Mail Account field by clicking ‘More settings’.

Step 7- Choose the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab and also ensuring that ‘Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server and ‘My SMTP Requires Authentication’ are checked. 

Step 8- By selecting the ‘Advanced’ tab, type ‘995’ for the POP3 server and type ‘465’ for the SMTP server. Opt ‘SSL’ as the encryption type and make sure that ‘This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection’ is selected.  

Step 9-Click ‘OK’, ‘Next’ and then click ‘Finish’ Exit and Outlook.

Step 10- To make your Yahoo folders visible in Outlook, click the ‘send/receive’ tab and select ‘Send/Receive All Folders’.

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