Email Timeline: How to fix “Database Daemon Fatal Error” in Entourage Database

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How to fix “Database Daemon Fatal Error” in Entourage Database

There is lot of situations when you come across some critical error related to your software,but using few software applications you can organize your important data effectively which improve ultimately results in the enhancement of productivity. Similarly, if there is any issue in Microsoft Office then you can use Microsoft Office for Mac to accomplish your basic office work.

So take a situation where you might have to run Entourage database Utility multiple time due to ‘Database Daemon Fatal Error’ which disrupt the consistency and integrity of Microsoft Entourage database. 

To fix this, there is one in-built method inside Microsoft office directory which can be used to fix this error. Just navigate through Microsoft Office Directory of the local applications folder, there is a sub-directory named “Office” containing the application named “Microsoft Database Utility”. On execution of this application you will get the option of rebuilding the database. By choosing this option you will the error fixed completely.

Alternatively, in some other situations you may have choose a third party tool to repair Entourage database. 
 However there are also few scenarios which shows very similar issue with Entourage database, like-

  a) When you start a Mac operating system based computer, the computer gets shut down abruptly. 
           b) Secondly, when you launch Microsoft Entourage email client you may see following error: 

     Database Daemon Fatal Error”, the Database Daemon has encountered an unknown error. The Daemon will need to quit and Entourage may need to be fore quit”

This error results in the inaccessibility of all sorts of valuable data and information like emails, contacts, calendar, attachments and other important stuffs. 
Let’s take a look at few other resolution to fix this error which may occurs cause of-
  a)   Database Daemon is heavily corrupt and Microsoft is unable to launch it.
             b)  Due to the corruption of database, the application is unable to use it.

Resolution:To fix this error in above case, below are few manual methods which can be tried to resolve this issue-
        a)  If the problem persists because of corrupted database daemon, then simply remove the database daemon and the restart Entourage.
          b) If above method fails, you can restore the database from an updated backup. 
         c) If the backup is not available, you can use database utility to rebuild the database and work around the corruption problem. 
If all of the above methods fail completely, then last and final possible solution is using a reliable third party software like Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair which is especially designed to repair corrupt files of Entourage database containing all types of items such as attachments, contacts, notes, calendar items and tasks.

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