Email Timeline: How to fix ‘Outlook has stopped working’ Error in Outlook 2010/2013

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How to fix ‘Outlook has stopped working’ Error in Outlook 2010/2013

In the corporate world (from small to large organizations), Microsoft Outlook is widely used and well known as the most preferred &professional email platform.At times, due to its extensive usage or any other technical issue, you may come across very common Outlook errors (Outlook hangs, freezes, or stops working) when you try to open a file or while sending an email.

Thus, for handling these most occurring Outlook errors, we’re discussing below the various reasons (causing of errors with their solutions) which led to the affecting of Outlook performance are as follows:

      a)    Your Outlook data files may have become corrupt or heavily damaged.

Solution: During the installation of Outlook, scanpst.exe (an Inbox repair tool) is also installed on your PC. This Inbox repair tool resolves issues by scanning and repairing your Outlook data files. 

      b)    Corruption in Outlook user profile.

Solution: For troubleshoot user profile corruption;you need to create a new user profile: Follow the procedure:
      1.   In the Control Panel, click Programs ->User Accounts ->Mail, it will open mail items.
      2.   Just click Show Profiles.
      3.    Select the file you wish to remove and then click Remove.
      4.   Click the Add button.
      5.   Type the name of profile in the Profile Name box.
      6.    Then specify the following details: user name, primary SMTP address, & password and then click Next.
      7.   Click on Allow, as soon as the following message prompt:
       ‘Allow this website to configure alias@domain server settings?’

       c)    The Outlook may be in use by any other process.
       Solution: During the usage of Outlook AutoArchieve feature or synchronization with any mobile device, a    large amount of resources is consumed resulting in the reduction of performance. 
      If Outlook is busy with any other process, intimation will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in the    horizontal status bar. You just need to wait till the time of completion of present processes, then attempts  other actions.

      d)    Size of your mailbox may be too large.

Solution: As the size of your mailbox expands, more resources are usedto open each folder. If you are having a large number of items in the single folder, then just simply create a new separate folder and move some of the items to this newly created item. To create the new folder executes the following steps as follows:
       1.   Go to Folder tab, then New group and click New Folder
       2.    Enter the name for the folder in the Name box.
       3.    In the Select where to place the folder list, select the location where you wish to place the folder.
       4.   Click OK.

       e)   Latest updates are not being installed properly.

Solution: Installing Windows update is a very crucial part to keep your Outlook risk free from any sort of virus attacks or unwanted damage or corruption.  It is a very important and highly recommended process because it replaces out outdated files.

       f)    Any previously installed plug-in might be interfering with Outlook.

Solution: Plug-ins is meant to enhance your experience but at times they conflict or interfere with Outlook. So just start Outlook by disabling the plug-ins by following the step by step procedure as follows:
       1.    Simply tap the Search box, then type Run in the search box & click Run.
       2.     Click Start (On Windows 7 or XP)
       3.    Type Outlook /safe, and then click OK.
       4.     If the issue is resolved, on the File menu, click Options, and then click Add-Ins
       5.     Select COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
       6.     Click to clear all the check boxes in the list, and then click OK.
       7.     Restart Outlook.

       g)    There may be a need to repair your Office programs.

Solution: Repairing your office files is a good way to resolve any issues like corruption, freezing or hanging of Outlook.  To perform the repair process, execute the following steps:
       1.   Close if there is any MS Office program is running.
       2.    Go to Control Panel, and then open Add or Remove Programs.
       3.     In the list of installed programs, right-click MS Office 2013& then right click Repair.

      h)    Expiration of antivirus software or conflict with Outlook.

     Solution: If your antivirus software is not up to date then you should update it periodically from the updates provided by the respective vendors. And in situation of conflict between the antivirus and Outlook, you can simply disable antivirus software that is installed in Outlook. 

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