Email Timeline: How to Export Mac OLM to PST for Outlook for Mac 2016, 2011

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How to Export Mac OLM to PST for Outlook for Mac 2016, 2011

What is the need of OLM file to PST Conversion, or why do I need to export Outlook for Mac email messages to PST? All I can say it depends on the requirement. Either I’ve to save emails messages, contacts, attachments, calendar because I’m disabling my email account and planning to switching new email client, or simply I want to just archive it.

So if you’re an Outlook for Mac user like me, this post might be helpful for you. If you wish to export Outlook for Mac 2010 .olm file contents just as a backup, or you want to import the extracted PST file data to newer Outlook for Mac 2016; follow the quick step –

Exporting Outlook for Mac OLM file items 

Depend on your requirements, you can export each and every folder(s) heading in your Outlook for Mac account list. You can select and export single item as well as everything as archive. 

Export Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Task, Notes

Exporting of single folder item or multiple folders are quite simple in Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2016. If you’re using old version Outlook 2011-

Navigate to File menu and click Export… option from the drop down menu. 

Now click Outlook for Mac Data File and Select an option to filter by item type or category.

 Select the folder which you want to export from the .olm file and click the right arrow to continue.

Ignore the step 2 (Delete After Exporting?) and click right arrow to move to step 3.

Your Outlook accounts prompts you to provide a location where you wish to save the file. The time to finish the job depends on the size of items you’re exporting. 

Outlook for Mac 2016

Follow the same steps if you need to export certain email, contacts, notes etc., from your Outlook 2016 profile.

Once the OLM file has been saved at your desired location, you can import this in another Outlook account and preview the exported items. However, if you are running an older Outlook for Mac account and planning switch to Outlook for Mac 2016, you can import this .olm file directly on Outlook 2016 profile. See here how to import it.

But in case if you want to switch from Mac OS to Windows OS, the OLM file cannot be imported into Outlook for Windows or Office 365 until it converts as PST. As there is no manual or free procedure to import OLM file in Outlook for Windows, I suggest you first convert this OLM file into PST then import into Outlook.

In such cases you should try Stellar Mac .OLM file to .PST Converter tool, as using this utility you cannot only export OLM file items into Outlook importable PST but also can export the same items to Office 365 account. It is best utility of its kind to export OLM file not into just Outlook data file but also as Office 365, PDF, HTML, and RTF formats.

Hope, this guide helped you understand how to export Outlook for Mac item into PST.

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