Email Timeline: How to Repair PST File Without ScanPST or Inbox Repair Tool

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How to Repair PST File Without ScanPST or Inbox Repair Tool

ScanPST is an inbuilt utility in MS Office to repair corrupt Outlook PST and fix minor issues. The Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) is the freeware which is specially designed by Microsoft to diagnose and fix PST files corruption and saves Outlook mailbox data that gets corrupt due to random hardware or software errors.

However, we have encountered lot of cases where ScanPST failed to repair PST file; Not because it doesn’t work but it has certain limitations to handle the level of corruption or damage in the PST file.
So if you’re one of those Outlook user who tried ScanPST to fix PST file errors or mailbox corruption but failed to repair the file, it’s time to move on. Here I’m suggesting you another recommended way to repair PST, try Stellar phoenix Outlook PST Repair software!

This software is very helpful and a solid alternative to ScanPST when all possible solutions failed to repair the PST file. I suggest you download this PST repair tool by visiting Steller’s official website:

Let’s check the compete process by following the quick steps to repair the PST file without using Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST). Download the Stellar phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool by visiting the above url and activate it.

Once you launch the software, it brings you very rich home page interface. All you need to just browse and select the corrupt PST file which you want to repair and recover, and in case if you’re not sure the actual location of the file, the software helps you to find PST file. Just click Find option and search your PST file.

 Select the hard drive volume where PST file might be existed and click Start to scan the selected volume.


 All the stored PST file will be displayed in the Find Results section. You can select here the appropriate file and click OK, and click Scan Now option to start the file repair process.

The time to complete the repair process depends on the level of corruption in PST file as well as the size of it. The same is applicable to ScanPST. If you’re repairing the file using Scanpst utility, it may take long time just because of damages in the file and its size.


Either you can recover all the folders or only selective ones. Once you select the required folders/items, click Save Repaired File option from file menu. Saving recovered data in PST is by default selected here, you only need to select the location where you want to save this recovered Outlook importable PST file.

Now you’re almost done, just sit back and relax. The PST saving job is in process, as you can notice the job process in the progress bar.

Your repaired PST file has been saved at the desired system location. Now you can check the PST file by importing it into your Outlook profile. That’s it!

So this is the another approach to repair the corrupt Outlook PST file if you suffered by ScanPST failure. However, it is always suggested to give manual procedure or ScanPST a try before using the software, but I’m not sure the recovered data using Scanpst will be accurate. This is the only dark side of using ScanPST utility because it may delete any/all items without any warning. 

So let’s give this software a try over here, because it is the best alternative available to ScanPST and the most downloaded software for repairing PST file, ever!

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