Email Timeline: How to Add or Modify Signature in Outlook OWA?

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How to Add or Modify Signature in Outlook OWA?

Hello readers, today we are here with some cool Outlook OWA Tips. Outlook OWA (Outlook Web Access) is highly in trends because of great user experience. On this blog we are going to show “Steps to add or modify signature in Outlook OWA” which can further beneficial for the OWA users to make their mails more interactive.

We all know that emails are the main source of communication in any organization. At work place one has to send numerous emails for business purpose, so it is really important to enable default email signature to make email conversation more interactive.

This article is also for the users who are already using default email signature in OWA but don’t know how to edit that.

Below are the steps to edit or update Outlook OWA signature – 

Step 1 - Login in your Outlook OWA

Step 2 - Then go to Options (It is on the upper right corner).

Step 3 –

Check – “Automatically include my signature on outgoing messages” if it is unchecked; this option is to get each compose with signature. 

Check – “Replace my current signature with the following” if you want to change your current signature.

Type your new signature in the blank text box available just below the “Replace my current signature with the following”.

Step 4 - Click on the "Save Button" available in upper left tab.

All Done!!!

Note - Business users should not forget to update their latest "Designation" and "Contact Details" in their email signature.

You can also check the video tutorial for same - 

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