Email Timeline: Import Eudora Items into MS Outlook 2007

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Import Eudora Items into MS Outlook 2007

Eudora is an email client designed to work with the different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Mac OS X. The application undoubtedly consists of a list of nice features and is used by a good number of users. However, when it comes to performance and features, especially businesses prefer installing MS Outlook, a successful email client developed by Microsoft.

Today, according to the statistics, MS Outlook is being highly used as compared to Eudora. Moreover, organizations that are using Eudora are looking forward to migrate to MS Outlook. If you are also planning the same, below is closer description about how you can import Eudora into MS Outlook 2007, take a look:

  • Start MS Outlook 2007
  • Click ‘File’ in the menu and click on ‘Import and Export.
  • An Import and Export wizard will open, select ‘Import Internet Mail and Addresses’, and click on ‘Next’.
  • A wizard named Outlook Import Tool will open, select Eudora (Pro and Light) 2.x, 3.x, 4.x. Following, click ‘Next’.
  • Under the section, you will see options containing items that you want to import, check the checkbox for the item, you want to import.
  • In the next window, you are asked to select the location for the imported items. (For example, if you want to import the Address Book, select Contacts Folder as destination.)
  • Click ‘Finish’.
  • An Import Summary screen will appear, showing the status of import process.
  • Click ‘Save in Inbox’.
You Eudora items are now imported to Microsoft Outlook 2007. However, the process of migrating from Eudora to Outlook may sometimes deceive you due to some technical glitches. To avoid this case, there are some important points to know about both applications, see below.

Eudora uses MBOX files for storage that are simply Mailbox files containing data in plain text. So, when you plan to migrate, you need to convert the Mbox file into Outlook data file, PST. PST is an abbreviation of Personal Storage Table, known as Personal Folders file. When an Mbox file is converted to PST, it can easily be imported to Outlook. 

Therefore, to avoid any kind of difficulties, you can easily allow the conversion to take place. But, the next question from your side should be ‘how to do it?’ It can be done by opting for a commercial MBOXto PST converter tool that you can get through an online order.

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