Email Timeline: Know why people perform MBOX to PST conversion

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Know why people perform MBOX to PST conversion

These days, all the businesses have their online identity. In fact complete web is stuffed with different kinds of business and all this is moving comfortably because of a number of emailing applications such as Outlook, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora, Poco and many more. Except Outlook, all the mentioned emailing platforms keep their mailing record in MBOX file format.

MBOX is the file format supported by a number of emailing applications. In fact there are a few well known emailing clients that use same emailing format to save the users’ data. MBOX file format keeps the record of all email messages in a plain text mode. The most important point about MBOX is it keeps all the users data in its original form. There is one more feature named "file locking feature" available in MBOX.

The feature was launched successfully because of the mutually adverse mechanism like lock(), fcntl() and dot locking. All these features are not compatible with other files such as NSF because NSF file keeps multiple messages in same file. Here is one issue with MBOX. Let us discuss that. 

If any user wants to read the MBOX file then it should be locked otherwise user's machine may show corrupt message again and again that means no user can read the MBOX file smoothly without locking it. Although the file would be safe but uselessly it shows error messages.

After all these limitations of MBOX file format normally people used to switch to a better option like MS Outlook. Outlook is the product of Microsoft and offers all the advanced features. Outlook is one of the most advanced emailing clients among all the emailing clients. In fact other emailing applications of Microsoft also fail in front of amazing Outlook. 

According to a recent market survey report, Outlook is the most deployed emailing client across the globe. Outlook stores all the data in PST file format. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. This PST file contains all the data of associated with Outlook user. Unlike MBOX format PST can save media files as well. PST file always keeps record of inbox/outbox messages, notes & calendar's data, media files (images & all), attachments and more. The main reason behind the high demand of Outlook is that it is inbuilt with lots of most advanced features and functions.

Below are the details of all the exciting features of Outlook:
  • To do bar
  • Ribbon interface
  • Calendar & Meeting Scheduler
  • Group Email
  • Address book
  • Notes & Journals
  • Multiple Account Handling
  • Exchange Support
  • Mobile Integration
  • Social Integration
  • Personal manager
Outlook is the only product of Microsoft that works with the collaboration of Exchange. With all these advanced features mostly other emailing client users used to switch to Outlook. Other reason that provokes such email client conversion is the drawback of emailing clients. Let us consider the scenario of few MBOX format mail clients such as Poco Mail & Apple Mail.

PocoMail introduction and errors: PocoMail is the windows emailing client launched by Poco Systems in 1999. Poco got a nice honour of being awarded the Shareware Program of the Year in 2000. PocoMail was designed with the thought of an email client that provides better spam protection. PocoMail supports IMAP and POP3 that helps other users to access multiple mail accounts simultaneously.

Apart from the features Poco is having a smart user interface. Even after all the cool functions this application is not so popular because of the certain errors. Those errors hamper the work of a working user drastically. One such error comes when you are just about to send a mail to your boss and after clicking on send button a pop-up comes up with the message "Cannot create file C:\PROGA~1\PocoMail\%USER~1\LOCALS~1\Temp_alt.html"

The user must be surprised about the error message pop up. The solution of the problem is by first checking if the file in question has been marked Read-only. Generally this is not the case except the user has restored a backup from CD-R.

Another reason that can leads to the above mentioned situation is that the %USER~1 might no longer be in existence. It happens when a user is signed in with a profile of different user and thus looses access to the file created by the actual user.

If the entire C:\Documents and Settings directory is read only in nature then modify and the problem would no longer exists. However, a permanent solution is migration from this emailing client to another one.

Apple mail introduction and errors:
Unlike Poco, Apple mail is developed for the Mac machine users. Apple mail is the most preferred choice of Mac users after Outlook 2011 for Mac. Just like PocoMail Apple is associated with number of errors such as Large Mailbox Error, Connection Errors, SMTP Errors and Errors with Incoming Mail.

Large Mailbox Error: We all know that every email client is having a limit of maximum file size that has to be followed. Same goes with the Apple mail. In case of Apple if the user mailbox exceed the maximum size limit, then the mailbox appears like it is blank or sometimes a numbers of error messages start coming out as "Message has not been downloaded from the server” which cause a big headache.

Connection Errors: Apple mail irritates a lot at the time of connection failure which can be because of any factor. In connection error situation Apple mail shows following error messages "Mail was unable to connect to the Internet”. This error can be sorted out by checking the network issue.

SMTP Errors: SMTP error comes when a user types wrong user name or password. Here is the error code “Trying to log in to this SMTP account failed. Verify the…”, to solve the issue user should apply the correct user name and password in the SMTP setting of Apple mail.

Errors with incoming mails:
As name suggests this error occurs at the time of receiving emails. Here is the pop message “Unable to receive mail. The mail server denied access…”. This error is an unusual error but needs many efforts to resolve.

After going through the various errors of other emailing platforms now you can understand why people switch to Outlook. To switch from any MBOX based mail client such as Entourage to Outlook is not an easy task. This conversion is possible only with the help of any professional MBOX to PST converter tool. There are number of such tools are available on web for performing this migration but unfortunately reliable and secure tools are very few.

So, I would suggest my users either to go with my recommendation solution else make a proper research before purchasing a tool for secure MBOX to PST conversion. After making lots of research for same tool I found the name of "Stellar MBOX to PST Converter" tool. This tool is the proprietary of Stellar Information Systems. This tool supports more than 12 MBOX emailing clients and is built with the easy-to-use user interface. The UI of this tool is very much user friendly or I should say self explanatory. Even a non techie person can easily work on this tool without any prior training.

Below are the emailing clients supported by this adroit software:

1. Thunderbird
2. Spicebird
3. Pocomail
4. Eudora
5. Entourge
6. Apple Mail
7. Mulberry
8. SeaMonkey
9. NetScape
10. ClawsMail
11. Opera Mail
12. Mozilla Mail
13. Evolution
14. Sylpheed

Few other highlights of this tool are:
  1. Easy to use UI
  2. Search Option
  3. Selective Conversion
  4. Support for multiple conversion
  5. Providing Preview
Interested users can get the demo version of this software for free from the mentioned website:

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