Email Timeline: Why Outlook is superior to Outlook Express.

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Why Outlook is superior to Outlook Express.

In the rapidly changing world it is not good to carry on with limited featured technology. If we consider the field of communication then there is no option for compromise. The base of every business is transparent and uninterrupted communication channel. So it is good to choose best amongst the good for maintaining regular pace of growth.

Now if we consider email applications developed by Microsoft, then we find only two categories. One type of application that is bundled as a free ware for the user and another that is specially designed to achieve excellence in field. Hence Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail fall in the category of free ware. The Only standalone product developed by Microsoft dedicatedly for top notch business process is Outlook. If we compare any free ware email application with MS Outlook then it becomes quite clear that the later one is the perfect option for business organizations. For this particular instance let us consider Outlook Express in comparison with MS Outlook.
  • Outlook Express is designed for home or small scale users whereas Outlook is specially developed for large and demanding business environment.
  • Outlook Express offers limited features that summarize the activity of user till sending and receiving of mails. On the other hand Outlook is offering wide range of features that allow user to enhance his business not only locally but also at global platform.
  • The features like synchronization with hand held devices like mobile give Outlook an upper hand in comparison with Outlook Express.
  • Messaging application program interface allows user to send mails in the form of Word or Excel. This feature is available in Outlook Express but there is limitation which is completely removed in MS Outlook.
These are some reasons due to which Outlook Express users are migrating to MS Outlook. It is because the Outlook Express files known as DBX files are not directly accessible in Outlook. For using his old DBX data in Outlook, user has to convert it into PST format. It can be done by any adroit third party DBX to PST converter tool. Stellar DBX to PST Converter performs the conversion professionally and safely. The tool converts multiple DBX files into PST simultaneously. Features like advance DBX search facilitate user in searching for all the .dbx files on the system. Preview before actual conversion is another remarkable feature of the software. A well tested software with user friendly interface is the perfect choice of the user which he finds while using the products of Stellar.

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