Email Timeline: Outlook Express error codes those lead to DBX to PST Conversion

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Outlook Express error codes those lead to DBX to PST Conversion

Outlook Express, the most basic emailing client by Microsoft comes with a number of limitations and errors. Sometimes those limitations and errors make users to switch to Outlook. Outlook Express is very much popular among small organizations because of the data security and easy to use interface but still users are migrating to Outlook. That is all because of endless Outlook express errors. Many crashes and unexpected system shutdown brings such errors. Before discussing the Outlook Express errors, let us discuss the most common types of these errors.
Types of Outlook Express errors:
  • General Errors- These errors come when there are few issues in Outlook Express Application.
  • POP3 Errors- If you find difficulty in receiving mails that might be because of POP3 Errors.
  • SMTP Errors- Unlike, POP3 if you find problems in sending mails then it must be because of SMTP Errors.
  • Winsock Errors- These errors come only if there is any problem between your Outlook Express and Operating System.
  • RAS/DUN Error- When there is anything wrong with dial-up/network system.
Below is the list of most common “General Errors” with their description:
Error Number Error Type Description
0x800CCC00   LOAD_SICILY_FAILED   Authentication did not load
0x800CCC01   INVALID_CERT_CN   Invalid certificate content
0x800CCC05   NOT_CONNECTED    Not connected to server
0x800CCC03   ALREADY_CONNECTED   User already connected
0x800CCC0A    INCOMPLETE    Message download incomplete
0x800CCC0B    BUSY   Server or incorrect domain on sender's email address
0x800CCC0D    CANT_FIND_HOST   Cannot locate server
0x800CCC0F   CONNECTION_DROPPED    Connection closed
0x800CCC10   INVALID_ADDRESS   Address not known on server
0x800CCC11    INVALID_ADDRESS_LIST   Mailing list not known on server
0x800CCC12   SOCKET_READ_ERROR   Unable to send Winsock request
0x800CCC13   SOCKET_WRITE_ERROR   Unable to read Winsock reply
0x800CCC14    SOCKET_INIT_ERROR   Unable to initialise Winsock
0x800CCC15   SOCKET_CONNECT_ERROR   Unable to open Windows Socket
0x800CCC16   INVALID_ACCOUNT   User account not recognized
0x800CCC17   USER_CANCEL    User cancelled operation
0x800CCC18   SICILY_LOGON_FAILED    Logon attempt failed
0x800CCC19  TIMEOUT   Timeout
0x800CCC1A   SECURE_CONNECT_FAILED   Unable to connect using SSL
Below is the list of most common “POP3 Errors” with their description:
Error Number Error Type Description
0x800420CB    POP3_NO_STORE   Mail cannot be stored on server
0x800CCC90   POP3_RESPONSE_ERROR   Client response invalid
0x800CCC91    POP3_INVALID_USER_NAME   Invalid user name or user not found
0x800CCC92    POP3_INVALID_PASSWORD   Password not valid for account.
0x800CCC93   POP3_PARSE_FAILURE   Unable to interpret response.
0x800CCC94   POP3_NEED_STAT   Stat Command required.
0x800CCC95   POP3_NO_MESSAGES   No messages on server.
0x800CCC96   POP3_NO_MARKED_MESSAGES   No messages marked for retrieval.
0x800CCC97   POP3_POPID_OUT_OF_RANGE   Message ID out of range.
Apart from all above mentioned errors there are countless errors related to several error types. We will share those errors in out next blog.
Aforementioned, errors are the only reasons that force a user to migrate to a better emailing platform such us MS Outlook. For migrating from Outlook Express to Outlook, user needs a professional DBX to PST convertertool. User can search for such utility on Google. There are a number of tools that can perform this conversion but the reliable tools are limited. “Stellar DBX to PST Converter” is one from them which offers complete reliability and security of your data.

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