Email Timeline: Say Goodbye to Apple mail issues by migrating to Outlook 2011 for MAC

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Say Goodbye to Apple mail issues by migrating to Outlook 2011 for MAC

Apple mail is an inbuilt email client of Mac OS which is available in version OS X 10.0 or later. Recent version of Apple mail is version 5.0 on Lion OS 10.7. For Lion, Apple’s given Mail is a serious improvement. Though, Apple is one of the most trusted and widely used brands but that really does not mean that “Apple mail is an error free mailing application”. With the passage of time, users have faced several issues while working on same.

Common Apple mail issues faced by Mac users:
  • If the user is using a slow Internet connection then there are chances to receive duplicate or multiple copies of same mail. To avoid this issue it is better to use a fast Internet connection.
  • Many users have faced issues in sending mails as few connection providers has blocked the SMTP port 25 which cause problems in sending mails.
  • There are several times when Apple mail will consistently ask you for the password of your account. For avoiding this issue verify your settings and change your password.
  • Sent emails do not appear in 'Sent Folder”, this problems comes when you use IMAP. With IMAP it requires that user provides a selected folder for saving sent emails.
  • There are issues in checking previews of attachments and opening attachments. Apart from that user can not use HTML signatures for promoting his organization.
  • Dimmed send button of Outlook is another one issue faced by Apple users.

Above mentioned issues are the most common issues apart from these lot of other issues are also there. Due to such endless problems of Apple mail, mostly users are switching to Outlook 2011. Outlook 2011 for Mac offers much better integration with security.

Few most attractive features of Outlook 2011 are:
  • User can view the calendar right into his email
  • User can import any old archived PST file
  • Outlook 2011 consolidate all your emails
  • Easier user interface makes it more attractive
  • Create events and manage appointments at one place

These days, Outlook 2011 is the prior choice of Mac users because of more enhanced look and features. Apple mail users are migrating from Apple mail to Outlook 2011 for better experience. If you are also thinking to change your emailing platform, then firstly you should convert all your Apple mail data into RGE files so that you would be able to access all your precious data at any time even after conversion.

On web there are number of tools available for performing Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Conversion but very few tools are there which can perform this conversion with 100% accuracy and reliability. “Stellar Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Converter” is one of the most professional tool that offers complete security of your data. Users can download this tool from the website of Stellar. Best feature of this utility is “It would not change the original formatting and order of mails”.

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