Email Timeline: Fixing Corruption in Zarafa Server Database

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Fixing Corruption in Zarafa Server Database

Zarafa server allows users to access the stored data on it for different clients, including Web Access and Outlook. However, user cannot have a direct access to the server rather it is required to request server to send the relevant information. Moreover, user can view Outlook items even if not working on his own computer whereas the second client ‘Web Access’ allows user to see the folders of other users.

Zarafa server stores and manages all the data in an open MySQL database, which consists of various tables and records. Records are simply data items, such as email messages, contacts, notes, appointment etc. There is a group of tables containing information about stored records. Let’s take a look at the tables of Zarafa Database:

Properties: The properties table contains all the properties of the data item.

Hierarchy: This table demonstrates which property corresponds to which item. It also shows folders with respect to the store.

LOB: An abbreviation of Large Objects, LOB table consists of all the email attachments as well as pictures of contacts.

Users: Users table stores all users and groups

Usergroup_acl: The usergroup_acl table is used for storing the relations between groups and users.

Acl: Information about which user can view what items is stored in the acl table. This table is related to hierarchy table.

Outgoingqueue: This table contains all the information about the link, which is created when an email is sent.

The Zarafa server mainly uses InnoDB storage engine, which uses .frm and .ibadata file formats to store the data. If corruption occurs in any of the two or in the both files types, user fails to access Zarafa server database. As a result, the client is also not of use. With this problem, user may also encounter some errors.

Needless to say that it becomes mandatory to fix the issue as early as possible in order to make the database accessible so that user could work on the application efficiently. Restoring the files from backup is a great option; you can simply access your back file and restore it to the server. But, the major problem occurs when even backup is not available or some problem has occurred in backup file making it inaccessible.

In such cases, the most recommended solution is to use a professional Zarafa recovery application. This is the software built by experts using advanced algorithms. Such software will retrieve emails, contacts, calendar, notes, distribution list and other items from the corrupt Zarafa files. It will also repair badly damaged Zarafa database and make it accessible.

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