Email Timeline: Why users migrate from Apple mail to Outlook 2011?

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Why users migrate from Apple mail to Outlook 2011?

Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook both are two most preferred email clients for a Mac machine. Apple mail is default with Mac whereas MS Outlook comes with MS office.

Apple Mail: Apple mail is having the most easy-to-use interface with lots of special inbuilt features. With the support for multiple POP, IMAP, Exchange, and iCloud accounts, versatile mail filters, and a smart conversation view, Apple mail is good enough for required needs. In Apple mail all mail folders are saved separately with the extension of ".mbox" example inbox.mbox, outbox.mbox, drafts.mbox etc.

Outlook 2011 for Mac: On the other hand Outlook 2011 is another new application of Microsoft which replaces Entourage. Outlook 2011 is having lots of features of old Entourage apart from those lots of new features are also there.

List of features Outlook 2011 for Mac:
  •     Ribbon interface
  •     Functional group tabs
  •     Improved calendar
  •     Meetings
  •     Schedules
  •     Appointments
  •     Event

Difference between Outlook 2011 and Apple Mail:

(a) The most liked feature of Outlook 2011 is categorization. MS Outlook allows you to create and maintain categories which are not possible in Apple mail. So if you are a person who requires categorization of mail then you should select Outlook.

(b) Outlook has a feature of sorting mails which is not available in Apple Mail.

(c)Normally Apple users face issue in sending/or receiving mails. These are few most common errors that provoke users to switch to a different email application. Across the globe most popular email client is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook has advanced features that make Outlook a wonderful email client application.

With above mentioned reasons users use to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac. Since there is no direct utility to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011, user can use any third party tool.

Stellar Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Converter” is a professional and reliable tool that can convert Apple Mail files into Outlook which can be easily imported into Outlook 2011. This software converts all important emails and other user’s data in just few simple steps. The software also has the option to save the file at a user-desired location. The demo version of the tool is available for free download.

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