Email Timeline: GroupWise to Outlook, using best converter tool

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GroupWise to Outlook, using best converter tool

Email clients have become a vital necessity of every organization. With the blink of an eye messages can be transferred from one part of the world to another. The flawless and smooth communication offers great deal of success on the organizational front. For this purpose all you need is the standardized and forefront pair of email client and a centralized server. There are various options available but only the pair of Exchange and Outlook emerges as the most promising client-server architecture. Excluding Exchange-Outlook, rest of the market is mainly occupied by Domino-Notes and Novell-GroupWise client-server architecture.

Novell GroupWise is a messaging platform like MS Outlook that comprises of features like instant messaging, document management, task management, contact management, personal information manager. GroupWise is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux. Despite of having almost same features like MS Outlook still GroupWise is not considered as the best email client application. Some of the reasons that prompt user to switch from GroupWise to Outlook are:

Easy to access: Outlook is comparatively much easier than GroupWise. The user needs initial training in order to work on GroupWise as it has complex user interface and technology.

Cost: Novell GroupWise is much costlier than MS Outlook. Hence most of the organizations go for Outlook. Also the simplicity of Outlook technology often raises any need of maintenance or repair. Whereas due to complex technology the maintenance cost of GroupWise is more than Outlook.

Flexibility: The absence of suitable environment is the major flaw with GroupWise. The desired environment is not available everywhere hence the need of conversion arises.

Change of workplace: Due to the above discussed features most of the organizations hesitate while choosing GroupWise over Outlook. Therefore when user changes his workplace then there is possibility that the new organization is using different platform. Hence in order to access his old data user has to go for converter tool.
The best solution for performing this conversion is reliable and secure  GroupWise to PST converter tool of Stellar. The software ensures safe migration and provides extremely user friendly interface that facilitates the user. The tool allows user to perform batch conversion of GroupWise mailbox items. The software provides preview of mailbox before saving it. Also user can convert mailbox item in PST/EML/MSG format. User can save the converted data in new or existing PST file. The tool allows user to track every aspect of the process by using log file generated during the conversion. The free demo version of the tool is available at the website. 

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