Email Timeline: Things to know when switching from Apple Mac Mail to Outlook 2011

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Things to know when switching from Apple Mac Mail to Outlook 2011

If you are an Apple Mac user who has been relying on the inbuilt Mac Mail to handle emails, contacts and other such data, you might have heard the buzz around Microsoft's Outlook 2011 for Mac. If you are also amongst the few wishing to migrate from Apple Mail to MS Outlook 2011 for Mac then here's a must read scoop for you.

Outlook for Mac vs. Outlook for Windows

The chief reason why a number of Apple Mac users are willing to switch from Mac Mail to Outlook is due to the belief that as suggested by the similar name, Outlook for mac embodies the same functionality and feature set as MS Outlook for Windows. Though the two applications are misleading due to the same name they behold, but the functionality differs a lot.

1. Outlook for Mac does not support plugins that are considered favorite amongst Windows users.
2. Outlook 2011 can import data from a PST file, while export as PST is not an available feature.
3. Outlook for Mac stores upto 13 email addresses in a single account, while Outlook for Windows has a limit of 3.
4. Outlook for Mac does not have the 'Middle Name' naming field.
5. Users can view their calendar and task items using My Day utility even when Outlook for Mac is not open.

How to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

One of the principle factors behind the popularity and success of Outlook 2011 for Mac is its ability to work as a client of MS Exchange Server. Though the support is for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and higher versions, but the remarkable features offered via this collaboration are highly sought after by professional users. For an enterprise running on Mac, nothing beats the value offered by Outlook 2011. Thus, more and more business organizations want to know how to convert Mac Apple Mail to Outlook 2011.

One way to convert Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac is by extracting the Apple Mail data as MBOX file. Under Outlook 2011, there is an option to import contacts and messages from MBOX file format. However, if some of the important mails and folders do not appear in the process, third party commercial tools come to the rescue.

A dexterous utility Stellar Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Converter is adept at converting all the Apple Mail data into Outlook 2011 importable RGE files. During conversion the original data formatting and structure is retained. The demo version of the tool is available for free download from the website.

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