Email Timeline: Convert DBX files of Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail EML files

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Convert DBX files of Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail EML files

A lot of Outlook Express users often look for a way to convert the DBX data files to EML. EML files are read by Windows Live Mail. Both Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail are free email clients developed by Microsoft. Outlook Express is included with Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003. Whereas, Windows Live Mail is its successor available with Windows XP and Vista.

Since the release of Windows Live Mail in November 2007, Microsoft has withdrawn support for Outlook Express. This is one of the chief reasons that Outlook Express users are migrating to Windows Live Mail. Not only this, there are times when users find their current operating systems as obsolete and thus wish to adopt either Windows Vista or XP. In both the scenarios it becomes imperative to convert DBX files of Outlook Express to EML.

When there are large number of messages in Outlook Express that need archiving, then, saving one message at a time is not a feasible option. If there are a few messages the following steps can help to Convert Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail EML files:

1. Launch Outlook Express. Create a new mail message. Enter a name in the subject line.
2. Drag the desired messages from OE message list and drop them into the New Mail message. This will add those messages as attachments.
3. Click File> Save as. Now choose the Windows folder as type *.eml. Close the window.
4. Double click the *.eml file and select all the attachments. Drag them into an OE mail folder. To read a single attachment just double click on it.

The aforestated steps will help in converting Outlook Express DBX files as EML. Another way to directly import the Outlook Express messages into Windows Live Mail is by launching Windows Live Mail client and following these steps:

File> Import> Messages> Microsoft Outlook Express 6> Import mail from an OE6 store directory

Browse to the location where the Outlook Express folder is placed and select it. Choose the messages you wish to import and hit Finish.

If some messages fail to import or some error is encountered, trust third party tools to carry out the conversion smoothly. Stellar DBX to Windows Live Mail Converter is one such fine utility that makes the conversion a lot easier in just a few steps. The software has an interactive interface and also provides the log file of the entire conversion process.

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