Email Timeline: How to fix ‘0x80004005: The Operation has failed’ error in Outlook

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How to fix ‘0x80004005: The Operation has failed’ error in Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email client as it provides an effective and user friendly communication between the two ends. In spite of such an efficient email client, sometimes, it might have abruptly terminated or generate some error messages which causes problem during email transmission.

So today I’m sharing troubleshooting steps to fix the Outlook errors. Below are the following errors with their solution which you get during email process in MS Outlook-

Error type 1: 

Sending and receiving reported error "0x80004005": The operation failed.

Reason of the error: This type of error message is pop-up when a new email message arrives in your mailbox, or the most possible cause of the error is the use of Norton Antivirus with the script blocking feature enabled.

Resolution methods: There are many ways to resolve this error. Either you can visit the official Symantec website and obtain the updated version of Norton Antivirus or you can just disable the script blocking in Norton Antivirus. To successfully accomplish this process, execute the following steps as mentioned below:

      a)      By Disabling Script Blocking in Norton Antivirus :

1     1)    Turn off the Enable script blocking feature.

NOTE: However, the above mentioned method makes your PC or your network more susceptible to get hit by unauthorized or malicious users so whole system might get virus infected. This method is surely not a recommended method; but you can perform this procedure as initially troubleshooting step.

      b)   By Disabling New-Mail notification in Outlook: Execute the following set of steps. Keep in mind that this resolution method may be helpful for new e-mail but unable to fix the issue with sending e-mail messages.

In order to disable New-Mail Notification, follow the below mentioned steps:
  1.  In Outlook account, click Options on the Tools menu and then click the Preferences tab.
  2. Now click E-mail Options and then click to clear the Display a notification message when new mail arrives check box.
  3.  Finally, click OK two times.

Error type 2:                   0x800ccc0d or 0x80040600

Symptoms:  This type of error message is generated when you try to send an email.

Reason of the error: This type of error mostly occurs when a PST file of Outlook 2013 are heavily corrupt or damaged. This PST file includes all sorts of stuffs like emails, contacts, calendars, notes etc. When PST file become inaccessible due to severe corruption, Outlook couldn’t process the easily swiftly which generates the error message 0x80040600.

Resolution method:The most suitable method use to fix this error message is repair of the corrupt PST file. To accomplish it, make use of Inbox Repair Tool (or Scanpst.exe).

So to find the Scanpst.exe file in your PC, execute the steps below:
  1. Click Start-> Search-> Files
  2. Now enter Scanpst.exe manually and then click Search Now
  3.  Now open Scanpst.exe and provide the corrupt PST file’ location for recovery process.
  4.  This results in a new created recovered PST file.

To sum up as whole, above mentioned errors can sometimes result’s in severe data corruption or damage. So to avoid such a critical situation, you should execute their corresponding solutions. 

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