Email Timeline: How to sync Hotmail with Microsoft Outlook

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How to sync Hotmail with Microsoft Outlook

What is the most significant feature of Microsoft Outlook which makes it one of the best email clients? Of-course, its functionality, performance, smooth usability, and very easier configuration on every type of devices (from PCs to smartphones) makes it best online/offline email client which lets every type of user to create email account. 
So here we’ll discuss about its most common feature in brief such as 'Synchronization', and also try to help how you can easily sync your Hotmail account in Outlook with Microsoft Office Outlook Connector. But first, we’ll discuss about what is the Sync feature and Microsoft Office Outlook Connector in MS Outlook. Just check it out-  

Outlook Sync 

Synchronization is the most important feature of MS account which allow user to synchronize (integrate) different component of email like calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes into Microsoft Outlook account. Outlook Sync is designed for small users to big organization to synchronize Outlook using HTTP (a standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol) connection over internet. With Microsoft Outlook you not only sync your personal contact in your computer, but also sync with your mobile devices.  

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

It is a free add-in utility in Microsoft Outlook which allows users to access their Hotmail or Windows Live Mail account through MS Outlook. With the help of this add-in, user can access their full email account. However, Outlook Connector doesn't support latest outlook version 2013, but it works well with other Outlook versions like 2010, 2007 and 2003.

So, let see here how to easily access Window Live/Hotmail email account in Microsoft Outlook with its add-in feature Outlook Connector. Just check it out-  

Access Hotmail Account in Outlook with Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

First you need to download OutlookConnector.exe to use Outlook connector. Just click on this link to install it. 

Once you download & installed it successfully, it'll prompt you to configure your Hotmail/Windows Live email account into MS Outlook. Now, enter your Hotmail account credentials and sender name to label with outgoing email.  

Now you’ll see a newly added Hotmail folder under Outlook’s Mail Folder tree.

You can expand this Hotmail node to access your Inbox, and different inbox personal folders like Outbox, sent items, drafts, and junk e-mail etc. Additionally, there is also a new address book and calendar in Hotmail address too.

Now, to sync your emails in Outlook and Hotmail, simply click on Send/Receive button and it will automatically sync your all sending and receiving emails founded on the regular interval.

Apart from this, you can also utilize Microsoft Office Outlook Connector to access many MSN accounts (hotmail, Windows Live). To implement this feature in your Microsoft Outlook, Just click on menu bar and select 'Outlook Connector' from the menu, and now choose 'Add a New Account'.

There are several benefits if you are using your Windows Live Mail or Hotmail account in Outlook by using Outlook Connector add-in utility-
  • Outlook account will remain show your account status on Outlook status bar.
  • Send/receive works same like other Outlook email accounts.
  • Outlook account easily sync both blocked and unblocked sender list from Windows Live/Hotmail account.
  • Any changes in Hotmail calendars in Microsoft Outlook account will automatically sync with web version of Hotmail account and update them.
That’s it!! Now you can easily access your personal Windows Live Mail account/Hotmail account in Outlook. But if you face any kind of problem in future by using Hotmail account in MS outlook, I would suggest you to take backup of your data as PST file to avoid any situation of data Lose. However, an offline storage table (OST) keeps store Outlook user data in local computer as a backup so that you can use it to recover your deleted data in future. But OST can’t be directly imported in Outlook, so first you’ll need to convert it into PST file, check here to see some most prominent ost converter which not only convert your ost file to pst but also repair it if ost is corrupt.

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