Email Timeline: How to Make Outlook Work Better and Faster

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How to Make Outlook Work Better and Faster

Outlook is the first choice for any business environment because of its simplicity, flexibility and security. And the three above mentioned features make Outlook a choice of millions of users.  People prefer to work on Outlook not only in office for business use but also at their home.  Though Outlook is highly in use; but unlike every other software application one can face issues with this application as well. The most prompted issue with Outlook is “Its Slow Performance”. At times due to heavy use and improper optimization it starts to load slowly and work slowly.  

Any version of Outlook can have such irritated issues not only the old versions those have PST file size limitations. As per surveys this issue is more with the Outlook 2007.   

The main reason that makes Outlook slower is “It consumes a lot of memory of the working machine”. For avoiding such Outlook speed and performance issues time to time Outlook Optimization is very important. 

Here are few important steps to optimize your MS Outlook –
With the every single incoming or outgoing message; size of Outlook mailbox (OST and PST files) grows. So it is important to clean the unnecessary data to maintain Outlook integrity and work performance.  There are several ways to optimize Outlook memory; let’s have a look at the major ones: -

Run a mailbox Cleanup is such a utility that is widely used to monitor and improve the size of Outlook data files.  This tool will quickly clean up your Outlook mailbox to trim down the amount of distracting mailbox clutter. To use this utility –
  • Click on the Tools -> now click on the Mailbox CleanUp
  • Select “Options” to find old or large items to remove or move.
  • Now follow one of the below stated step -
  • Click AutoArchive to move old mailbox items to Archive Folder.
  • Click Empty to permanently erase email items from your Deleted Items folder.

Remove old unnecessary Outlook Plugins - Though Outlook is very flexible but that does not mean it is error free. To use various plugins with Outlook is a good deal but on the same hand it is more important to regularly check the status of those plugins. Being an Outlook user it is your responsibility to remove useless add-ons from Outlook; especially if your Outlook is working slowly.

  •  To remove useless Outlook Plugins –
    • Click on “Tools” and then on “Trust Center” 
    • Now click on the “Add-ins”
  •  In Add-ins section you will find the entire active, non-active and disabled add-ins. Click on the add-in you want to enable or disable and then click on the “Go” button towards the bottom.
  •  This will then open up the COM add-ins page. Here user can then check/uncheck the add-ins he wants to enable or disable.
  •   Now restart your Outlook.


Archive Outlook Data – Old data archiving is the best way to keep your Outlook healthy and speedy. Every small or big organization should archive entire Outlook data between 2 to 5 years. That’s totally depending on the uses of Outlook in that particular organization. Also it depends on the importance of data. To manually archive the Outlook mailbox data follow –

Click the File tab -> Click Cleanup Tools -> Click Archive -> Click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and then click the folder that you want to archive. Any subfolder of the folder you select is included in this manual archive.

We hope above stated points and snapshots will surely help Outlook users in boosting the speed of their Outlook. This helpful post is brought to you by

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