Email Timeline: Rectify EDB corruption due to NTFS compression

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Rectify EDB corruption due to NTFS compression

Exchange Server performs very complex and important process which involves sharing of information from one point to another. It is one of the best servers in the same genre and is widely accepted by all sorts of organizations whether small or large. Apart from technical expertise many times user has to face some difficulty because of expected and unexpected errors. Exchange involves very simple technology which allows even novice user to become comfortable while working on it. But the problem arises when the same novice user faces an error and finds no appropriate solution to tackle it. At last he performs incorrect or amateur steps to rectify the problem, which results in corruption or permanent loss of data. Let me provide you one of the practical examples of such unexpected errors that may surprise even the technical experts. 

Memory management is a crucial aspect of system administrator. The technique used for memory management is known as Disk compression. Using disk compression user can reduce the disk space of specific folder or file. Basically there are two types of file systems named as FAT file system and NTFS file system.  It can be observed that for Exchange users that are having NTFS file system performing compression may cause Exchange data corruption and inaccessibility. The Information Store, which store emails and other vital information, gets effected due to NTFS compression. The possible reasons behind the file compression error of Exchange are:-
  • When the compression of file having size more than 4GB is performed.
  • The Exchange Server fails to compress in partition space when multiple requests are processed at the same time.
  • The Exchange log files are not configured with NTFS volume. 
  • The insufficient space on Exchange may also arise the need of repairing.

It must be very clear that corruption of data is an unavoidable aspect. So it is better to be prepared for worst case scenarios instead of taking action after the damage. Repairing of corrupt data does not provide 100% result in every case. Hence it is advisable to practice a habit of taking backup at regular interval of time. The Exchange EDB data can be backed up in Outlook supported PST format. The EDB to PST conversion can be carried out using third party converter tool. 

Stellar EDB to PST converter tool is a recommended tool to carry out the conversion job. The demo version of the tool is quite sufficient to impress the user and bounds them to use it for the rest of the problematic occasions. 

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