Email Timeline: Resolve from Apple Mail errors by switching to Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

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Resolve from Apple Mail errors by switching to Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

Apple Mail for Mac users is quite popular as an effective email client application. But sometimes, errors halt the glob process of email communication disrupting work flow. Some common Apple Mail errors and their resolution will be discussed further in this post.

Large Mailbox Error
Each email client has a maximum file size limit that it has to obey. Apple Mail mailbox is no exception. If the user mailbox becomes too large in size over a period of time, then it appears as blank. Certain error messages start popping up as “Message has not been downloaded from the server…”. A large sized Apple Mail file is the culprit behind the issue.

Connection Errors
When Internet connection fails due to known or unknown factor, then, the following error message is encountered: “Mail was unable to connect to the Internet. Click the…”. At the top of the connection donor window, the aforestated error can be seen. It can be resolved by Network Diagnostics.

SMTP Errors
SMTP user name and password can be wrong which generates the following error: “Trying to log in to this SMTP account failed. Verify the…”. To resolve the issue, change the user name and password for the SMTP settings in Apple Mail. Based on the scenario whether password is required by the ISP or not, the troubleshooting steps may vary.

Errors with Incoming Mail
The error that results with an incoming mail is: “Unable to receive mail. The mail server denied access…”. This error is not seen commonly as it is the result of using all available connections permitted to the user which rarely happens. For user having a single connection available at a time, they should turn off push notifications for emails or try switching to another provider.

These are some commonly observed Apple Mail errors that compel users to migrate to a different email application. One of the most popular email clients across the globe with a market share of over 40% is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook has advanced features and robust mechanism that acts as a Personal Information Manager and a wonderful email client application. Thus, it is best to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac.

How to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

In order to convert Apple Mail files to Outlook 2011 for Mac, a third party utility is required. “Stellar Apple Mai to Outlook 2011 Converter” is a fine tool that can smoothly convert Apple Mail files into Outlook 2011 importable RGE file. The software has an interactive GUI and is quite easy to use. There are detailed step by step instructions on how to convert Apple Mail files to Outlook 2011. The demo version of the tool is available for download.

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