Email Timeline: How to convert Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail EML files?

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How to convert Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail EML files?

Microsoft has abandoned Outlook Express and is asking its users to switch over to Windows Live Mail. Both are free email proprieties owned and manufactured solely by Microsoft. Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail both are designed for home users that just require emailing functionality along with Internet.

Outlook Express stores its data as DBX files. The inbox files are stored as Inbox.dbx file and the same goes for other email folders. These DBX files are stored on the user's computer's hard drive under a folder by the name of Outlook Express. This folder can be accessed by going to:
Tools-> Options-> Maintenance-> Outlook Express
In Windows Live Mail, the messages are saved as EML files on the local machine's hard drive.

To switch from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail, one needs to convert DBX to Windows Live Mail EML. One way to export all the messages from DBX to Windows Live Mail is by copying the Outlook Express folder into some external hard drive or flash memory and then copying it to the machine where Windows Live Mail is installed. The messages can be imported into Windows Live Mail by going to:
File-> Import-> Messages-> From Microsoft Outlook Express

The only drawback is that this method is only able to convert DBX emails into Windows Live Mail EML files. Contacts and address book are not migrated. To carry out complete conversion of the Outlook Express database into Windows Live Mail error free, trust third party tools.

One of the best tools available in the market to convert Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail is “Stellar DBX to Windows Live Mail Converter”. The software converts DBX files to EML, while keeping the file header intact. Multiple DBX files can be converted to EML in just a few clicks. The demo version of the tool offers a preview of the DBX file items in a three pane view. During conversion, the software saves a log of the entire process that can be saved to a user specified location after the completion of conversion from DBX to EML. Designed with an interactive interface and step by step user guide, using this tool, even a novice user can convert DBX to Windows Live Mail efficaciously.

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